NATURAL SOLUTIONS for Optimal Health Immunity, By Peter Dewdney, Nutritional Therapist, Associate Naturopath (mBANT, mANP, mGNC)

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We all have a wonderful opportunity to improve our health during the summer in readiness of the Autumn and Winter months when sessional illness usually occurs.

This year is a better reason than any others to really do something to improve upon your general health which in turn improves your immunity.

Whether you suffer from poor digestive health, arthritic or musculoskeletal symptoms, low mood or seasonal illness, carry a little additional weight or simply a bit unfit, your immunity can be compromised.

The first place to start is with your daily diet and a look at what’s being eaten. Can the diet be improved on by adding something fresh or raw, could additional vegetables be added or possibly fresh fruit. A good balance of the right foods is important in each meal, ideally containing carbohydrates, protein and good fats. Most of us drink very little water and are dehydrated and therefore unable to efficiently remove unwanted toxins from our body. Water helps to balance the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract and its processes as well as many other very important roles.

Secondly look at your obvious dietary shortfall created by likes, dislikes, dietary exclusions and lifestyle choices. This is when natural supplementation plays a key role in filling in those nutritional shortfalls with the use for example of a multivitamin or specific nutrient such as Vitamin B12. If you eat very little fresh fruit and vegetables then you are likely very short in B Vitamins, Vitamin C and many others. If you eat a vegetarian diet then amino acids are likely deficient as would be Vitamin B12, Iron and others.

In practice I spend some time exploring our ability to process foods, the times when meals are eaten, how long is the digestive tract given to process foods before going to bed, I even explore eliminated waste which offers the observer an enormous amount of useful information.

A strong robust digestive tract is more often than not a reflection of a good, strong and well-functioning immune system capable of great things.

In clinic I commonly use natural supplementation alongside diet to assist with a condition or symptoms, ensuring all dietary and supplementary changes work together with existing medications.

If you have been tolerating a persistent or troublesome symptom which requires greater investigation then please contact me to discuss in a little more detail.

Take this period of time to improve on your health feeling confident in your ability to be healthy throughout this year and next.

To arrange a consultation or for further information please fill in the Contact Form on my website: 

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Pure strength ❣️Josh Powell, husband of Zoe, 29, and father to Phoebe, 8, Simeon, 6, Amelia 4, and Penny, 18 months, has today released a tribute following last week’s tragic road traffic collision on the A40 in which Zoe, Phoebe, Simeon and Amelia died.

Please read tribute below ⬇️

"My Family"

“Before the adventure of starting a family, nobody truly knows what to expect. All of life’s preconceptions and what we see in the world around us meant that life as a family man was so much better than I expected it to be.

“I had been blessed with four wonderful children, whose thirst for life and hunger of adventure kept me busy but in the best possible way.

“As I look to an uncertain future, I reflect on the fun that we had as a family, with feelings of sadness that it was cut so short.

“Phoebe was my first daughter, and was the model of her mother but with a thirst to always know more. Regularly we would adventure and explore the world together. She was clever and able to make great jumps of imagination - her great creations in Lego are testament to this.

“Simeon was just like his father, with a mischievous sense of humour and desire to know more of the world. A keen sportsman, he had been due to play in first football match this week.

“He shared the kind heart of his sisters and wouldn’t be happier than when he knew that everyone was ok.

“Amelia was kind and spirited. Her tenderness and thoughtfulness much more advanced than her years.

“Her ability to dance and express herself was a true blessing, with an abundance of self-confidence. Tied down by no element of practicality she had the most vivid dreams imagination.

“Myself and Zoe were as different as we were alike. Despite the frequent tensions this would bring, it was of immense benefit having such differing world views.

“Our children benefited from this in having adventures but also the quiet to talk. Zoe was a dreamer; with a head spinning of new things to do or tales to tell. More than anything, we made a great partnership to raise a family.

“I want to thank everyone who has rushed to put their arms around to us to support me and Penny.

“As a family that have always preferred understated calm and brevity, it has been a revelation the benefit of the deep wider relationships now I’ve lost my immediate nuclear family.

“There are many battles to come, and I thank everyone who has stood by me and Penny thus far.

“We are well supported and know to ask if anything is needed.

“Now we have the time to readjust and grieve, this is the challenge of the abundance of loss we feel as a family.

“Thank you to those who have respected our space and supported us thus far, and given us the time and space to do this.”
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1 week ago  ·  

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Condolences - taken from Chinnor Parish Council Facebook page.....

“As a close Chinnor community, we are all so saddened and shocked to hear about the tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers to everyone.
St Andrew's Church is open every day between 11am and 5pm for private prayer, lighting a candle and a book of condolence.

The Chinnor Community Church on the High Street has created a space for flowers to be laid for the family. CCC has a cross outside to lay flowers under. The chapel will be open for private prayer, reflection, and a book of condolence for the next 2 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.00 am - noon; also, Fridays from 2.00 - 4.00 pm.

On Monday the 19th October from 7pm the Scout Troop and their leaders will be walking through the village on their way to hold a candle lit vigil for Josh and his baby daughter.

At 8pm we will be holding a 1 minute silence in remembrance of Zoe, Phoebe, Simeon and Amelia.
We are hoping that the residents of Chinnor would also light a candle and hold a 1 minutes silence at 8pm either on your doorstep or in your house to help guide them on to the next part of their journey and to hold Josh and his baby daughter in your hearts and thoughts. Turn Chinnor Green for the Powell family.

CPC will observe a 1 minute silence during their Finance zoom meeting at 8pm.”
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Meet Neil, our NEW resident Fitness Contributor in Look Local Magazine.

Neil has been a Personal Trainer for over 16 years, so has a huge wealth of experience in health and fitness.

Do check out his insta @nhpthub and keep your eyes peeled for his features in the magazine.
#looklocalmagazine #looklocalfirst #thinklocalfirst #fitnessmotivation #fitnesswriter #personaltraineroxfordshire
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Something a bit different..... any Safari lovers might fancy visiting The Swan At Tetsworth Antiques Centre on Thursday 5th November for this exciting Auction....Natural History SALE!!! Remember Remember the 5th of November!!! Heres an exciting early arrival for our upcoming auction ... See MoreSee Less

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